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Australian Hearing Hub


The Australian Hearing Hub is a unique world-class purpose-designed facility for the understanding and research of hearing and related speech and language disorders. The project involved a highly technical integrated fitout across a gross floor area of 23,000m2.


North Ryde, New South Wales

Macquarie University

$80 million


2010 - 2012


Design and construct excellence

A premium research facility

The Australian Hearing Hub brings together leading research teams and not-for-profit organisations, offering clinical and related social services for people with hearing disorders. The facility enables ground-breaking advances in mapping hearing/brain function, understanding auditory processing, assessing auditory system disorders, developing hearing aid and implant technology and improving strategies for rehabilitation and learning to hear.

Technical fit-out

The compliant (ISO 3745) National Acoustic Laboratories anechoic chamber is the crowning technical achievement of the Australian Hearing Hub. Embelton springs and ground-tuned rubber bearings ensure isolation of the chamber from the remainder of the building. The team searched worldwide to source key products for labs, including pass-throughs and highly specified EMF Shielding. The project scope was complex with a fully integrated fitout with 12 different user groups to consult on their tenancies.

Streamlined delivery through early engagement

The Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase saw a dedicated BESIX Watpac design and construction team finalise the design and commissioning of the building. BESIX Watpac's project team worked with leading consultants and subcontractors to identify services integration, material selection and the specialised construction methodology of the development.

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