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#When quality, cost, time and certainty are everything

When it comes to technical expertise, we stand above the rest. 

Our acclaimed in-house team of more than 150 engineers and methodology experts operate from three global hubs in Brisbane, Dubai and Brussels; incorporating world's-best practice and the latest innovation trends both locally and internationally.

Specialists are embedded into project teams from pre-contract to project completion to interrogate the design; de-risking projects, maximising value and delivering project certainty. 

This means projects are shovel ready sooner, safer to construct and benefit from our international expertise gained on some of the world’s most iconic projects.  

Peer review of structural engineering consultants

Design management and constructability reviews

Construction methodologies, sequencing and planning

Expert support on geotechnical, façade, concrete technology

#​ Technical strength

To ensure the highest standards of safety, quality and certainty, our in-house engineers are part of the project team; shaping and guiding the development of projects from conception to completion.

Whether it’s to solve an issue, test an idea or find a faster, safer or more cost efficient alternative - the technical strength of our Engineering Department is available to our tender and site teams at any time; ensuring risks are identified early and mitigated fast. 

The continuous interaction between construction, procurement and engineering also allows opportunities to be seized early enough in the development process to be successfully implemented, benefiting the project and ultimately the client.

#Value Engineering

Wherever we can, we provide our clients value engineering; a creative and disciplined process of optioneering and analysis that combines the insights of multidisciplinary teams including whole of life specialists.  

The goal is to limit building costs, significantly reduce risks and improve the durability and sustainability of the asset without compromising any functional objectives. This holistic, integrated design approach is crucial in completing demanding projects such as PPPs and is how we make a difference for our clients.

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