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Pont de l’Enfance


Essentially a major refurbishment project, BESIX deconstructed an old bridge over the Sanaga River and rebuilt a new two-lane vehicle structure to bring it up to current standards. The bridge is a crucial part of Cameroon’s economy, improving access to the Mbam and Kim regions.


Elang-Pont, Cameroon

Ministry of Public Works Cameroon

$28 million


2010 - 2012

Groupement INTEGC / ECOPE France

20 years

Projected traffic growth
accommodated for with new bridge

8 spans

At 30 metres each

240 m

Vehicle bridge


Harnessing existing infrastructure

Sustainable outcomes

Smart engineering and construction methodologies were applied to ensure the previous bridge’s footings could safely be reused. This started with a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing foundations including collecting core samples as well as magnetic and seismic investigation of the interfaces between the piles and existing abutments. Any undermining of the foundation was filled to reinforce the footings. The existing bridge was then dismantled, and the abutments and pillars rehabilitated.


Harnessing the ebb and flow of the river, the pilings were constructed when water levels were low. The existing structure was also used as a work platform throughout construction minimising the need for waterborne craft. The 550-tonne metal structure including 34 main bearing girders was assembled on the riverbank and hoisted onto its final supports in one piece.

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