Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge

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Denmark’s first cantilevered bridge in 50 years

Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge


Stretching over the pristine Roskilde Fjord, Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge is the first cantilevered bridge built in Denmark since 1970. The bridge itself spans 1.4 kilometres and was delivered as part of an 8.2 kilometre long, four lane highway. The contract also covers 11 smaller civil engineering works, including bridges, tunnels and wildlife crossings, as well as a one kilometre retaining wall and three kilometre acoustic barrier. This development provides a more efficient alternative to the previous bascule bridge built in 1935, significantly reducing traffic congestion.


Roskilde Fjord, Denmark

Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet)

$220 million


2016 - 2019

Rizzani de Eccher; Acciona Infraestructuras


Different nationalities working on site

1.4 km

Length of the bridge over Roskilde Fjord

8.2 km

Total length of the highway




Streamlining delivery through collaboration

Innovative collaboration

Several innovations streamlined project delivery and contributed to works being completed three months ahead of schedule. BESIX partnered with Rizzani de Eccher (Italy) and Acciona Infraestructuras (Spain) to form the RBAI joint venture. The project was delivered using a highly collaborative model with all project stakeholders participating in regular LEAN sessions. This model enabled each project stakeholder to be equally involved in understanding project requirements, which optimised productivity, improved decision making and increased time efficiencies by addressing potential challenges before they arose.  

A ‘launching gantry’ was commissioned to install the bridge deck. Specifically designed for this project, this type of horizontal crane allowed the precast deck segments to be fitted one by one. This methodology enabled several production lines to be running concurrently further streamlining the construction process. 

Meticulous environmental planning

Roskilde Fjord is a declared EU Natura 2000 zone and is home to some of Europe’s most valuable and endangered species. Meticulous planning and monitoring ensured BESIX met rigorous environmental and social requirements to protect the fjord’s natural beauty and habitats as well as minimising impacts on the community. This included gaining insight into the migratory patterns of birds that nested on the fjord and planning potentially disruptive works for times when they were away so nesting behaviours would not be impacted. Construction methods were carefully evaluated to ensure selected methodologies would conserve the aquatic environment. Close monitoring during construction ensured that the sediments did not negatively affect aquatic plants such as the protected eelgrass species.


“RBAI JV have since the tender process and during the whole construction period acted as a professional contractor for the employer. The collaboration during the years has been in a good tone and with full satisfaction. I would like to thank the representatives for the three companies in the RBAI JV for their contribution to achieving such a tremendous result at the Fjord Link project. It is a spectacular project which will benefit the Danish society for many years to come.”

Erik Stoklund Larsen, Director, Danish Road Directorate

“The achievement of this complex project before the contractual milestone and in such high quality would not have been possible without the open and constructive co-operation we enjoyed with the Danish Road Directorate (DRD) and all the other national and international parties involved.”

Nic De Roeck, Area Manager Europe, BESIX

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