Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences

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Opulent and complex

Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences


Inspired by the fabled city of Atlantis, this stunning project has redefined what is possible in the delivery of large-scale luxury hotel and residential developments. Constructing a project of this size and class required extraordinary coordination and programming.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Atlantis The Palm 2 LLC, Dubai

$2.2 billion


2017 - 2022


Construct Only

45 m

long sky bridge

150,000 m2

of marble


Construction excellence

The curvilinear design and cantilevered structure incorporates six towers consisting of three reinforced concrete sub-towers. These are connected by a 45-metre long ‘skybridge’, which was lifted into place using a strand jacking method.

  • The building’s unique shape is made possible by the shifting floor plates that extend from six concrete cores
  • Includes 150,000 square metres of marble and 90,000 square metres of glass (equivalent to 10 FIFA football fields)
  • High-end amenities include a suspended sky pool and lounge, retail boutiques, 35 world-class restaurants and bars, and 92 swimming pools
  • The cantilevered structure maximises waterfront views and provides generous shaded oases throughout
  • 193 metres at its highest point and spans 500 metres


We are pleased to be part of this development, which will dominate the Palm Jumeirah skyline. It will set a new precedent in the hospitality and tourism industry, while satisfying the demand for an ambitious delivery of world class projects in Dubai.

Pierre Sironval, Chief Operating Officer - BESIX Group


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