Leopold II Tunnel

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Revitalising Belgium’s longest tunnel

Leopold II Tunnel


The 2.6 kilometre Leopold II Tunnel is crucial for connecting Belgian motorways with the country’s capital city and is used by more than 60,000 vehicles each day. Originally built in 1987, major structural works currently being delivered by BESIX as part of the CIRCUL 2020 consortium will ensure the tunnel can continue serving as a major traffic artery for the country. This includes reconstructing roadways, technical rooms and 17 emergency exits; asphalting and general waterproofing of the tunnel; redesigning interior aesthetics; and updating the entire structure to meet safety compliance requirements.

BESIX’s extensive live environment experience has been central to tackling the considerable logistical challenge posed by the tunnel’s proximity to public transport, water table, sewers, major boulevards and the classified Elisabeth Park, as well as passing underneath the Brussels-Charleroi Canal. Once works have completed, the consortium will be responsible for maintenance works until 2046.


Brussels, Belgium


$816 million

In Progress

2018 - 2021

Jan De Nul; Engie-Gabricom

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