Ajman Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Infrastructure

100 million litres of wastewater treated per day

Ajman Wastewater Treatment Plant


BESIX partnered with the Ajman Government to deliver the Emirate of Ajman’s first sewage treatment infrastructure. With the population growing rapidly, a long-term solution for wastewater was needed. Intensive engagement with the government and community was undertaken to understand the specific objectives and environmental, geographical and social constraints. The plant has capacity to treat 100 million litres of wastewater a day and services a population of 475,000 people. As operator, BESIX also contributes to collection services, customer support and billing. This ensures continuous improvement of the plant to achieve optimal performance, thus reducing operating expenses. One such improvement is the Ajman Sludge to Energy Plant project BESIX is delivering as a value add for the client. This new facility will help produce approximately 50 per cent of the plant’s energy needs by generating biogas that, after cleaning, can directly be re-used for electricity generation.


Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Ajman Sewerage (Private) Co. Ltd

$124 million


2003 - 2007 (2018 expansion)

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