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Jewish Care Senior Living and Community Precinct


Residents of the Jewish Care Senior Living and Community Precinct now have a sleek, state-of-the-art development to call home. This nine-storey aged care facility houses 156 residential units, relevant health care and medical services, associated retail and commercial areas, and basement car parking. BESIX Watpac also delivered on-site religious facilities, including a Synagogue and commercial sized kosher kitchens, as per Jewish Care Victoria’s stipulations. The development also features a fully glazed Wintergarden façade with unique operable louvre assemblies.


Melbourne, Victoria

Jewish Care Victoria

$81 million


2017 - 2020

S&T & CHT Architects


Residential units

8 storey

Aged care facility


Agile approach creating value for our client

Working together to deliver excellence

Originally engaged for construction only, we took on design responsibility for the project to mitigate the client’s exposure to a growing number of design-related risks and associated costs. To manage this transition, we collaborated with the client and the extended design consultation team, securing design documentation and implementing value management initiatives to meet the client’s budget. 

Keeping the existing precinct operational

Our expertise in live environments was critical to the project’s success. Building a development of this size near existing aged care accommodation was an exercise that required meticulous planning and execution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of elderly residents and large numbers of staff and visitors to the facility. We engaged extensively and regularly with facility management to ensure they were kept well-informed of any scheduled interruptions as well as maintaining access to vital infrastructure and services at the adjacent precinct. A major point for potential interruption was the existing kitchen which was located on the site of the new building and as such, needed to be demolished. Through effective collaboration with both our client and the portable building provider, a temporary kosher and non-kosher kitchen solution was developed that allowed this essential service to remain fully operational until the new kitchen was completed. 

The project required a staged handover approach, with a staggered transfer of residents to the new facilities. The safety and security of residents was our top priority at all times. Our site team ensured that religious observances were also respected, by coordinating works around the Jewish calendar and minimising construction noise during religious gatherings.

Building a community

One of the highest priorities for this project was providing ample space for religious services. An on-site Synagogue and communal kosher kitchen with adjacent dining areas are central to the needs of residents at this facility. There are also community spaces, such as an art gallery and family lounges, as well as fully landscaped grounds that include beautiful gardens, a family playground and serene water features. These high quality amenities foster an environment of togetherness and dignity for residents; helping to make them feel truly at home in this impressive development.


“The Jewish Care Senior Living and Community Precinct is a stunning development full of state-of-the-art facilities. Our on-site team worked diligently and respectfully to accommodate the residents and workers at the existing aged-care facility.”

Michaja Rutten, BESIX Watpac


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