Louise Bishop

School-based Apprentice, Qld

For students in grade 12 contemplating employment after high school can be a stressful thought. However, for some students undertaking an apprenticeship like Louise Bishop with BESIX Watpac, the end of school and the beginning of working life couldn’t come sooner.

Louise Bishop, who is currently in her final year of schooling, was in year 11 when she found out about an opportunity to work as a school-based apprentice with BESIX Watpac.

“I was completing a Cert I in Construction and a Cert II in Engineering and I realised I really wanted to be in construction. When I heard about the opportunity, I submitted my CV and went through the interview process and was lucky enough to get the job,” she said.

Before choosing a career in construction Louise was contemplating becoming a lawyer or a teacher after school. Since starting as a school-based apprentice, Louise has had been busy with various tasks including planning, procuring, and delivering all works required to fit out a 6m x 3m PPE room for visitors on the HMAS Cairns project.

Louise said it was the supportive nature of her mentors that’s really helped her to grow and progress.

“Everyone’s really supportive, at times really funny and relaxed – when I make a mistake or need to ask for help someone is always there to happily help and guide me,” she said. 

Sam Dorahy, Project Manager at HMAS Cairns said that he believes opportunities like the one Louise has been given need to be more readily available for school students.

“The construction industry has many career opportunities which secondary students are not aware of and it’s important students are made aware of the many wonderful careers to be had in construction,” he said.

“Louise will gain lots of supervision and management experience and hopefully continue with BESIX Watpac as a foreman when the time is right.”

Considering BESIX Watpac’s Operations Manager for Queensland started with BESIX Watpac almost 30 years ago as an apprentice, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what Louise can do with BESIX Watpac.

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