Sandra Nilsen

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, we’re highlighting the career stories of the women in our business.

Sandra Nilsen joined BESIX Watpac in 2023 as General Manager for Design and Engineering bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over her 27-year career. Starting her engineering career as a Structural Designer associate at a world-leading consultancy firm, Sandra has worked in the construction industry across all aspects of design and engineering.

Since joining BESIX Watpac she has hit the ground running, approaching her role with the aim of being inclusive and collaborative; rallying the expertise of her team and the greater BESIX Watpac leadership team to deliver excellence for our clients.

"It involves leveraging the expertise of our in-house engineering team, which I lead, to actively engage with our stakeholders and consultants, pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional projects," she said.

"Our team also focuses on collaborating with the general managers in each state to identify projects where we can truly add value and achieve outstanding results for our clients.”

When it comes to fostering a reputable career in STEM particularly in a competitive job market Sandra said the key to succeeding is about never shying away from a challenge, working as a team, and enjoying what you do.

“Working in the construction industry is never dull, and this is probably the key reason why I enjoy working in it and the main reason why I chose to do engineering in the first place."

"It is also a profession where you get to work with a team and where you can truly see the results of your efforts in the amazing projects that become part of your legacy."

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