Hannah Hall-Young

A rising star in construction

Through a can-do attitude and an eagerness to learn, Building Cadet, Hannah Hall-Young has been able to advance her career in construction with BESIX Watpac. While studying and organising events at QUT Hannah discovered construction cadetships by connecting with industry professionals.

"I’m passionate about construction and was open to valuable opportunities to work in the industry," she shares.

“When a position in the BESIX Watpac Grad Program opened up, I jumped at the opportunity to work at a leading construction company.”

Hannah initially studied Architecture crediting the decision to her creative mindset, however, after six months she realised her interest lay not just in design but in the actual building process. This revelation led her to switch to Construction Management, a decision she has embraced.

Part of this year’s 2024 Graduate Cohort, Hannah is currently working as part of the Ipswich Hospital Expansion Stage 2 project team, gaining invaluable insights into processes, operations, and industry-specific knowledge.

“BESIX Watpac are unlike any other, they build impressive multifaceted projects, and this is what sparks my love for construction. My critical-thinking skills kick in, and I find it extremely rewarding at the end of the day,” she remarked.

The Graduate Program 2024 at BESIX Watpac combines on-site practical experience with formal training allowing Hannah to learn the nuts and bolts of the construction industry daily, whilst undertaking her university studies.

“At BESIX Watpac, I feel supported by everyone - especially my project team. Everyday I’m surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge for building,” she said.

“BESIX Watpac’s vast support network, particularly for women with initiatives like the Lean-In Circles, have really allowed me to embrace the company culture and build camaraderie amongst my fellow colleagues.” Always eager to participate in company initiatives, Hannah recently took part in BESIX Watpac’s Fit Feb initiative.

Hannah credits a determination to stay grateful and optimistic, allowing her to flourish in her role. She endeavours to continue to grow with BESIX Watpac, challenging herself to expand her capabilities, knowledge, and aptitude.

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