Angela Gott

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, we’re highlighting the career stories of the women in our business.

Angela Gott’s appointment to Group Risk and Compliance Manager in 2017 didn’t eventuate in an easy or straightforward way. After graduating from her undergraduate business degree, she decided to change careers from communications into accounting. She also grew her young family, was promoted to a variety of roles within BESIX Watpac, and undertook additional study to fulfil the role she’s currently in.

“I actually studied a bachelor of business majoring in communications before I decided to do my masters in accounting,” she remarked.

“I started my career in finance and then over time I gradually developed into the role that I am in now. I had to do some additional study and completed a Graduate Certificate in Applied Risk Management which is something the business supported me in doing.

“It was a challenge when I did further study as I had two young children and a full-time job, but I was motivated knowing that my study was going towards a position that came with a clear direction and path for me which was incredibly comforting after coming back from maternity leave.”

Angela now leads the function of risk management and insurance along with being Company Secretary and is focused on assisting the business to manage its risk and compliance responsibilities. She finds the challenges of her role and the ability to continually learn new things the most interesting part of her job.

“I feel I learn something new every day, and while that can be fatiguing, I look back and can see how much I’ve learned and developed,” she said.

"I think about the things that have contributed to my progression and showing up and having a go have been significant—not second-guessing yourself. You might find you’re more capable than you think.

“I second-guess myself a lot, so it isn’t always easy. However, if you’re given an opportunity where you’re in the deep end, just go for it because that’s where growth comes from.”

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